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Our Origins

"Wear your truths unapologetically."


Untold Truth, LLC is a Ohio based fragrance supplier, founded in 2018 by Schanell Marie Carol. Schanell was inspired by her Grandmother Claudia MARIE (1945-2017) & God mother CAROL Shelton (1942-present). Schanell's mother, Andrea Jeanette, could only wear Chanel perfume while carrying her so she named her after her favorite fragrance. Wanting to add a unique twist, her mother joined her Grandmothers and Godmothers names together uniquely to create an unforgettable name-Schanell Marie Carol. 

Intune with her purpose, Schanell created Untold Truth to embrace her family legacy of strong creative women that love to walk in truth. Wanting to publicly announce her untold truths, she has found an outlet through her fragrances' notes and undertones. Smells speak louder then words. Untold Truth is a testament describing her truths untold. She challenges all women to wear your truths unapologetically and walk through life with confidence & grace.


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